About Maas Geluide

What We Do

MaasGeluide, is a research project that has been started in 2017 to investigate/research upon dialects around the Limburg region and also provide resources for these dialects to be learned or practiced by people enthusiastic about knowing more about Limburgian dialects or what they sound like. This pilot version of the project focuses on the Mestreech and Eijsden dialect but hopefully we are looking to expand on to different other dialects in the future.

Through the research, we have collected voice recordings of locals and non-locals who speak the different dialects. These recordings are the pronunciations of sentences in the different dialects - expressions, quick conversations, greetings, how to order a menu etc which may be familiar to people in the region of Limburg. Also the project allows for further research by allowing you, the user to be able to record your own pronunciations of these sentences which can be sent in to us to use for further research or just for fun/practice purposes. Please read through our Privacy policy before going ahead to record

  • We want to enhance the dialects spoken in the limburg region
  • We are using data gathered to further research
  • Fostering learning through fun and practice

The Team

Leonie Cornips

Researcher/Project Founder

Loves doing research! Comes from Heerlen and is in love with the Dutch language, which is spoken there. There is also a lot of dialect in it.


Antal van den Bosch


Language technologist. Brings technology to a useful level


Somto Enendu


I love to programme. I love to eat. I love music! Feel free to contact me by email


Acknowledgement: Many thanks to Laurent Rutten and Roger Weijenberg for translating the Dutch sentences into Eijsdens and Maastricht dialects for all to speak.

Our Sponsors

This app has been financed and supported by the:

  • Municipality of Eijsden-Margraten
  • Meertens Institute, Amsterdam
  • CLST, Radboud University Nijmegen
  • Language culture in Limburg (Maastricht University)

As soon as more funding is possible, we hope to expand to all of Limburg