Guidelines - MaasGeluide


Guidelines to using recorder

This page will guide you in steps to take before going on to pronounce

1. Browser and Devices

MaasGeluide uses an audio API that currently works with only recent versions of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Hence make sure you are using either of those browsers to record before going ahead to pronounce. Also, the recorder may not work on iOS mobile devices since there is no support yet for audio on mobile websites. Hence, it is very much encouraged to avoid using an iPhone.

2. Microphone

You will need a microphone to be able to record. Most devices come with built-in microphones. When you get to the pronounce page, you will get a message at the top left of your browser asking to allow the webpage to use your microphone as shown in the image below. Click allow!

3. Record

After allowing access to your microphone, it is then possible to record your pronunciation of the sentence. Click on the big red button with a microphone icon to start recording as shown in the image below. When the recording has started, the red button text will change to STOP, You can click on it to stop or finish your recording.

4. Timer

You have about 10 seconds to record the sentences. It allows you enough time to record. Once the time has elapsed, then the progress bar will reach it maximum as shown in the image below and the recording will stop.

5. Play and Send recording

After every recording, the "Play" and "Send" buttons will be set to active. You can listen to what you have just recorded by pressing the play button. If you so desire, you can click on the send button to send in your recording to be used for research purposes only. In case you are not satisfied with what you have just recorded, you can simply press the record button again and a new recording will be started.